Electronic Medical Records

We have a web based, federally certified, electronic medical records (EMR) system that’s easy to use yet powerful and secure to meet stringent HIPAA requirements. We have an accompanying iPad app.

Web Based EMR

The ZipChart EMR is built on web technology. The ability to customize ZipChart at both the practice and individual provider levels, with simple point and click functions, makes ZipChart the intuitive EMR designed for the way physicians practice.

Keep Your Existing Workflow

Many, if not most, medical offices are finally automated to a decent extent. The biggest failing of most current electronic medical records systems software is that disruption of the physician’s workflow is built in. Private practices often saddle themselves with software provided by the medical group or hospital they are affiliated with, usually because the subsidized price of those systems.

The problem with accepting the generic design of those systems is that the MOST EXPENSIVE person in the private practice, the physician, is saddled with the bulk of the documentation of any patient encounter. Because most of those systems were designed by software programmers and are produced for large medical businesses, the individual physician is left to work within the structures designed for somebody else.

Write On Charts

Using a tablet or iPad, the technique of writing on charts to document a patient visit is available in ZipChart. PDF documents, created within ZipChart on the fly, can then be annotated easily and saved in the chart. An unedited version of every changed document is saved, the integrity of every chart is maintained and chart audits are simple.

Integral Fax Processing

Fax processing is built into ZipChart.

  • Integrated fax server answers all incoming faxes and presents a list for processing.
  • Junk and faxes not related to patients may be deleted with no paper being wasted.
  • Documents that belong in a patient chart can be filed directly from the fax interface.
  • All faxes can be flagged or forwarded for the attention of other users within the practice.
  • Documents may be faxed out from within a chart with a couple clicks.
  • The status of outgoing faxes is tracked, if the fax fails for some reason, the user that sent it is notified.
  • Never miss an important fax again.

ZipChart was designed by a practicing orthopedic surgeon with the specific intent of providing a means to document a patient visit without costing the physician any time compared to traditional clipboard and transcription documentation.

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